Recovery Week In Review – Week 3

My plan for Week #3 got thrown out of the window early in the week.  After spending the previous weekend in Melbourne I developed a nice little chest cold.  My old friends coughing, wheezing and migraines came to visit; and stayed.

I managed to get on the bike a few times and instead of my projected 150-200km’s for the week I accumulated a disappointing 62.6km.  However my time off the bike wasn’t for nought; I have noticed a definite improvement in my injury while I’ve been off the bike.  The chest feels stronger (I can feel the scar tissue under the skin) and my shoulder and neck aren’t as tender.

But I am a little perturbed.  I have Round 2 of the CORC XC Series this coming Sunday and it’s at my favourite location; Sparrow Hill.  I’ll try and get out there before this weekend for a few recce laps to dial in my bike and legs.

I dare say come late Sunday morning I’ll be finishing my race heaving and dry reaching; but with a big smile on my face knowing I’ve finished and got some points back on the board!

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