The Mont 24 Hour 2014 – The Race That Didn’t Happen

While the decisions of the race organisers won’t satisfy all riders; Self Propelled Enterprises have announced what will happen now following the cancellation of The Mont 24 Hour for 2014.

.:Click here to read the announcement:.

Our team for this event was sponsored by and paid for by SOLDIER ON, in return for their generosity, we engaged in a campaign to raise funds and awareness for this great cause.

It was incredibly disappointing to hear that the race had been cancelled mere hours before our Melbourne racer, Chris, was due to arrive in Canberra.  Numerous supporters donated money to SOLDIER ON through our fundraising page and we all thank you for your kind support.

Unfortunately we never got the chance to put our tyres on the Kowen Forest trails.  For me this was going to be a very special race.  I was going to race under the SOLDIER ON banner with three great mates who I’ve shared a lot with over the years.  To be honest not being able to share a weekend of bikes, sleep deprivation and junk food with these guys is heartbreaking!


To Chris, John and Gian: I’m sorry we didn’t get to ride as a team; but hopefully we’ll get another chance next year.

To SOLDIER ON: Thank you for the opportunity to represent SOLDIER ON once again – Anna thank you for your never-ending (hopefully) patience with me!

To the race organisers: Thank you for your efforts and chin up guys!

To all our supporters: Thank you!




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