Pedal 4 Pierce – Wedding (Closed)

Pedal 4 Pierce is a great supporter of my fundraising and Soldier On.
We ride for kids that can’t and raise money for Muscular Dystrophy Australia!

$150 was donated to Muscular Dystrophy Australia on behalf of Pedal 4 Pierce by the guests at my Wedding.  An awesome effort as every dollar raised helps!

In late 2012 I met Nigel Jeffreys through my mountain bike social group, The Bermand local mountain bike club CORC.
Nigel dedicates long hours organising and running many of the ACT’s cross country MTB events with his son Chris helping out and racing.

Chris is an incredibly talented 14 year old cyclist who at the age of 10 asked his Father what he could do to help other people.  From his innocent question, PEDAL 4 PIERCE was born.


Whilst having dinner one night in September 2009, Christopher asked if he could do “something to raise money for people who research things”….after some discussion, the who, what and how was worked out. Christopher was 10 years old then and is the brain child of….“Pedal 4 Pierce

Pierce Burns has been diagnosed with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (CMD). CMD is a group of diseases causing muscle weakness at birth. Pierce is a brave young man who enjoys time with his family and friends, he loves chocolate and being a kid.
His first set of wheels won’t be a mountain bike or a car, he won’t be able to run like the wind or enjoy the things we all take for granted. Christopher’s vision is to try as hard as he can to make a difference not only for Pierce but others just like him.
Pedal 4 Pierce is about helping others, giving young children suffering from the many forms of Muscular Dystrophy a chance to live their life to its fullest.  Whilst we have lots of fun on the trails we want to raise lots of money to ensure kids like Pierce get to do the fun things to!


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