Soldier On – Wedding (Closed)

Thank you to everyone that donated to Soldier On for my Wedding.

An amazing $450 was raised by family and friends who hopefully had a great time celebrating with us!


In 2012 I embarked on a mission to raise money and awareness for wounded Australian servicemen and women in conjunction with a not-for-profit organization named Soldier On. By taking part in the inaugural Battle of the Beasts Mountain Bike Endurance Race, I personally raised a total of $5’702 with the entire BeastWorxfundraising team raising $8’477. Just to recap I raised more money than the other 119 competitors combined!

 Why Soldier On? It’s a sad fact that the Australian Government and Australian Defence Force does not do nearly enough for wounded returned servicemen, servicewomen and their families.  The ADF has an appalling record for dealing with mental health issues and it’s often left to outside support agencies to seek and provide the help that they so desperately need.  And this is exactly what Soldier On aims and succeeds at doing. They bridge the gap between what the government and ADF deem acceptable and what our wounded veterans actually require and deserve in order to undertake their long rehabilitation. 
When I needed the support of the ADF in my time of need, the people in command that I turned to for help were not forthcoming with their support and only when I was at my worst did they finally listen. Because of this I will never accept enough is being done to support my wounded brothers and sisters especially those with mental scars.
This year in October I will be competing in the second annual Battle of the Beasts MTB Enduro and also the inaugural Call of the Beasts Obstacle Course with the aim of raising more money and awareness for a cause very close to my heart.
I’m hoping you will be able to help a charity that supports the men and women that support you.

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