Training Week In Review – Week 2

Week 2 was never going to be a big week for the numbers.  The weather was very ordinary early in the week, work was fairly busy and I was interstate over the weekend.  I set a goal of 150km and achieved 121.4km for the week.

My first day on the bike was Wednesday afternoon.  I rode from work to Mt Stromlo and relished in the chance to push my Giant XTC up the switchback climbs.  I’m not the fastest rider downhill due to my aversion of death by bike; but I do enjoy being able to climb quickly with confidence and endurance.  As sunset approached I headed home and covered 65.1km with a vertical gain of 656m.

Lake G Sunset

Lake Ginninderra at sunset

Thursday afternoon I took the roadie home and was feeling a little bit of pain in my quads (more training needed).

Friday I took the XTC to work and managed to chase down a few roadies en route.  By lunch time I had packed Kate into the back of the car and was driving down to Melbourne for some wedding prep over the weekend.

Saturday I had the chance to ride Lysterfield Park with a good friend and although he suffered a flat and we had to walk back to the carpark it was a good ride.

Week 2 of my planned training regime didn’t go to plan, but with a few quality rides and a good catch up it wasn’t a total loss.

5 thoughts on “Training Week In Review – Week 2

  1. I want those 28.6km, not excuses Dobbs!

    As for your mate with the flat – drop him like a hot rock! Those who can’t ride with spares are not worth knowing, let alone walking back to the car park with. In fact, you should have kicked his dérailleur in for wasting your valuable time!

    ….He said from the comfort of his couch!

  2. Touche my friend! Touche!

    Hoping to get out on Mel’s ride this Saturday morning – if I remember how!

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