Training Week In Review – Week 6

Week 6 of my training regime was almost the week I went back to recovery mode.  The plan was simple; I go away for a week at the snow and last year’s snowboarding lessons and practice runs would instantly comeback to me.  But in reality I was barely able to get upright on the board 12 months after my first attempt.

Snow 005

After a couple of lessons and some really good weather at Perisher I was finally enjoying my time on the board.  Some aches and pains started creeping up on me and by midweek I had an inflamed elbow, sore hip flexors and was starting to feel that familiar pain in my shoulder and left pec.


By Friday I was well and truly feeling some acute pain in my shoulder from my body meeting snow at high speed.  This was confirmed on Saturday morning when I was unable to raise my left arm past horizontal; but I was quick to the chemist for painkillers and anti-inflammatories.  When the girly and I got back home we unpacked, put a load of washing on and went to our first Wedding dance lesson.

I woke up early Sunday morning with the intention of attending my usual Sunday Morning Social & Breakfast with The Berm; but alas my shoulder was still tender so I set to housework instead.  I did however get a quick ride in during the afternoon to stretch out my legs and test my sore shoulder.

A brief 25.8km on the bike, a wash and quick service for Kate was all the cycling action I got in this week.


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