A Little Housekeeping

Amazingly one of my posts entitled WHY I WALKED FROM THE RSL has gone somewhat viral on Defence affiliated social media pages and attracted a lot of attention (positive & negative) towards my Blog.  

I have added a new menu item to allow visitors to access my posts on VETERANS ISSUES a bit easier.  It is located on the menu bar next to the CYCLING tab.

I started this Blog as an outlet for my thoughts, photos and fundraising activities. The opinions expressed on here mine and I try to keep the rants to a minimum and be respectful as much as the subject matter requires.
I also expect this from the visitors who visit my Blog.  In the past couple of days I have had a lot of positive feedback and more than a few trolls post comments.  To be blunt; if you are abusive past the point of defending your opinion (i.e: threaten to hunt me down and kill me) I will delete your post and block you from commenting again.

Thank you,


One thought on “A Little Housekeeping

  1. Well Done Chad. A pity to hear about your abusive readers, but after being an the Ghan, Iraq and South Sudan for the best part of 4 years, I simply tell those buggers to line up behind all the Haji that are already waiting in line to kill me 😉

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