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Another June is upon us which means it’s time for another change to this Blog.

I have reshuffled and minimized the menus to incorporate categories, pages and posts.  A fresh layout with some new headers and sidebars to emphasise a bigger focus on my public social media accounts has snuck in as well.

I’ve stopped being as active on Facebook lately so will be putting more time (hopefully) into this Blog.




New Blog Design


After debating the pros and cons for a while; I have finally conceded and have registered a domain name for my Blog.

This Blog attracts a fairly large audience each time I post and I often see a regular cycle of older posts attracting new visitors every few weeks.

I started Blogging as way to share my photos, thoughts, fundraising and riding adventures.  A medium that allows me to be open and honest.

Most importantly this Blog is an avenue and outlet for my ongoing recovery with mental illness.

So welcome to:


About Me Profile

A Little Housekeeping

Amazingly one of my posts entitled WHY I WALKED FROM THE RSL has gone somewhat viral on Defence affiliated social media pages and attracted a lot of attention (positive & negative) towards my Blog.  

I have added a new menu item to allow visitors to access my posts on VETERANS ISSUES a bit easier.  It is located on the menu bar next to the CYCLING tab.

I started this Blog as an outlet for my thoughts, photos and fundraising activities. The opinions expressed on here mine and I try to keep the rants to a minimum and be respectful as much as the subject matter requires.
I also expect this from the visitors who visit my Blog.  In the past couple of days I have had a lot of positive feedback and more than a few trolls post comments.  To be blunt; if you are abusive past the point of defending your opinion (i.e: threaten to hunt me down and kill me) I will delete your post and block you from commenting again.

Thank you,




About Me Profile

Well the time finally came to move onto a new and better blogo-sphere.

Some may call it a metamorphosis, others a sea change.  I call it Tumblr giving me the shits!

WordPress gives me the ability to develop my microblogging into something more.  If Tumblr was me stripped bare, WordPress is me wandering the lonely tundra that is life in a loincloth!


Chad… Early 40′s… Ex-Soldier…
Iraq/Afghan Veteran & Advocate…
Coffee Aficionado… MTB’r… Photoblogger