Training Week In Review – Week 4

Week 4 was going to be a larger week for the numbers from the get go.  I needed to break past 150km; a weekly goal I had only achieved once in the past three weeks.

I had decided I was going to spend more time on the road bike, but also knew I didn’t have the endurance to smash out the long rides I wanted to do.  My fitness has improved dramatically over the past few weeks but my quads are constantly screaming at me for a rest.  The only option was for some good paced commuting to work.

Monday I took the roadie to work along the short commute racking up 18.6km in the chilly Canberra morning air.  On the ride home I took in a more scenic 30.1km around a bit of LBG and exploring some of the bike paths near my suburb.

Tuesday was the day my beloved Kate was booked in for her first service at Onya Bike Civic.  I had experienced a fair bit of gear skipping during the previous Sunday’s CORC XC race at Kowen Forest.  As always the service, both mechanical and customer, was first rate and I soon had a singletrack eating machine firing at 100%…. Well for a about 6km of Bruce Ridge actually!  I managed to clip a stray fallen branch and snapped a spoke on my Crank Brothers Cobalt 29er front wheel.  After cutting my ride short at 7.1km I managed to fix the spoke with a spare included with the wheels.

Wednesday was a short commute to and from work on Zooey my Giant Anthem X 29er…  Not a lot to say about this apart from riding a 29er dualie on the road is a lot harder than sub 10kg road bike running 110psi.  I earned those 38.6km!

Thursday’s commute to work was on the roadie in subzero temperatures.  I was relatively warm in my leg warmers and wind-stopper; but still had ice on my legs when I arrived at work.  The commute home was a shit-fight of epic proportions; twin punctures, spat at by a bogan and a small stack due to a moron who didn’t have her inbred dog on a leash. <end rant>

Friday saw a ride to work in subzero temps and some incredibly thick fog!  There was even plenty of ice on my legs and crotchular region!
Ice Crotch
The ride home was almost as big of a fail as the previous day.  The dirty little secret of Canberra cycling community is the abundance of glass littered in cycle lanes and cycle paths.  There is a stupidly large amount that never gets cleaned up because TAMS (Territory & Municipal Services) couldn’t give a rat’s arse!
TAMS Tweet

<end rant>
After copping my fifth puncture in two days I called the girly and got picked up 2km from home.

Saturday was supposed to be a few laps of Mt Stromlo with some of the guys and girls from The Berm, but alas due to an oversight in forgetting my front wheel thru-axle that plan was aborted and I ended up riding in the afternoon.
My ride around Bruce Ridge and to home pushed me over my 200km goal for the week.

The close of the week saw a ride into Bruce Ridge and a spin around the grippy singletrack before the usual breakfast at Edgar’s and a steady ride in the pouring rain to home.

By the time my all my bikes had been cleaned and stowed away, I had amassed 250.3km for the week.  All in all I didn’t push myself too had and despite a few mechanical issues with two of my bikes I was happy with the end result.


One thought on “Training Week In Review – Week 4

  1. Dobbsy – please put a disclaimer at the top of this post so that others don’t unwittingly stumble across that pic of your crotchular region!

    I copped glass through the wheel and tube a while back. Some bogan driving the other way yelled, “You’re a dickhead mate!” as I was pulled up to change it. Turns out he was right, as my new bike had presta valves and the tool cannister I brought along from my other bike was holding a schrader tube!…He didn’t know that at the time though!

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